Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT Patrouille Suisse 50 Anniversary Limited Edition

Right in the 50 anniversary of Swiss Patrouille Suisse, Swiss Breitling, top brand watch producer, rolled out 1000 unique souvenir watches-Chronomat 44GMT. The customized dial matches the special case back, and once again witnessed the close relations between Breitling and world elite pilot.

2014 is special year for Swiss and world aviation as they welcome two great events that could be the landmark in the Swiss aerial history: 100th anniversary of Swiss Air Force and the 50 anniversary of Swiss Patrouille Suisse. This aerobatics team was founded in 1964 and was made of professional men from Air Force. At the very beginning, they were equipped with 4 Hawker Hunter Mk58 jet combat plane and increased to 6 in 1978 and emerged in world stage. Patrouille Suisse become rare team that could navigate supersonic-speed jet combat plane: 6 American F-5E Tiger II roared in the air and red and white crossing was extraordinary attractive. As an perfect example of pursuing accuracy and excellent, Patrouille Suisse gives shows in Europe periodically and its remarkable performance gained a high popularity and credits for them.

The AUTEHNTIC Aerial Chronograph Watch
As the most reliable partner in the world aerial field, Breitling and Patrouille Suisse keeps a long-term relations, and launched a series of personal watches. now, it is right in the 50 anniversary, Breitling launched the Chronomat 44 GMT and it worthes the crown of “Professional watch on Pilots”: having a solid case, Chronomat 44 GMT reaches 200 meters under the water; there is a pure black badge corresponding to the black rubber number one the dial; on the second time zone, the point of hand is branded with the profile of F-5E Tiger II. Beneficiary from the crown adjusting system, Chronomat 44GMT can display second time zone in 24-hour mode at any time. The bidirectional rotating bezel branded with 24 hour time indexes can offer the time of third time zone.

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