Forever Classic-Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref.5153

In Patek Philippe’s prime time, it has Ref.5022, 5053, 5054, 5059 and 4860 that goes around in the market. Now all of them are off production, and the only Ref.5153 exists in this trend. It was called the officer watch, as Calatrava Ref.5153 has many totally different features from other Calatrava watches, such as the straight lug on the end, and screw-down lock. The special turban Crown is the most typical type. But the most importance is the hinged dustcover, in addition to the sapphire mirror. This great tradition is set to protect the special design on the surface.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref.5153 could be regarded as the most excellent work, as the metal processing in the final stage is challenging. Polishing the case alone would take days to do that.

Great turning point from pocket watch
Of course, every Patek Philippe watch has its uniqueness and story behind it because of the popularity of replica watches quality. But to learn more detail about Calatrava Ref.5153, two romantic story hide behinds it, making it more different from other watches. We could date it back to 16 century in German Nuremberg where Peter Henlein built the first pocket watch, since then pocket watch become popular in the upper class society. By the end of 19 century, a few watch designers tried to build some watches that could be worn on wrists. There are many arguments , or controversy, about who built the first wrist watch, but generally speaking, wrist watch was made out of small pocket watch by drilling holes on the case so that bracelet can go through it and fasten it.

Calatrava Ref.5135G officer watch has white gold case, and reaches 38 mm. It is fitted with 324 automatic winding movement, and has 45 hours of energy reserve. Sapphire mirror makes it possible to see through the case back and gaze at how the movement works.

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