Guilty Crown cosplay guide

Guilty Crown cosplay guide

Shu Ouma is a high school student who accidentally acquires the power to “Power of the King” which allows him to steal items, referred to as “Voids”, from others. He then finds himself in the conflict between a quasi-governmental organisation called GHQ and a rebel group called Funeral Parlor that aims to make Japan independent from GHQ. In the process, Shu has to deal with the weight his power is putting on his shoulders, as well as the harrowing mystery of his previous life.

The story was first broadcast in 2011 and has been adored by many Green Arrow Cosplay

Shu Ouma:

Shu Ouma 17, a 17-year old actor in Guilty Crown, wears a black uniform.

Shu, a socially inept student, is now a second year high-school student. He was also part of the school’s contemporary image club.

Inori Yuzuriha comes across Shu at first when she encounters him for the first time. However, after arriving, Shu is forced to leave in order to protect the Void Geneme. When he rescues Inori from an GHQ Endlave The “Void Genome”, fused onto his right arm, gives him the “Power of the King” and allows him to get items from the heart of the person Vikings Cosplay Gai offers Shu the opportunity to join the Funeral Parlor after that incident. Shu declines the offer. However, when his schoolmate, Yahiro Samukawa, sells him out to the GHQ, Shu joins the GHQ.

The story concludes with Shu beating Gai and trying to take the Apocalypse virus into his own hands, however Inori seizes it instead and commits suicide to stop it.

Inori Yuzuriha:

Inori Yuzuriha is Guilty crown’s main heroine. Inori Yuzuriha is also the vocalist for Egoist aged 17. Her figure is perfectly accented by her stunning dress.

She is also a part of the “Funeral Parlor”, resistance group. The Void is the sword. In the course of the series, she becomes Shu’s friend. She starts to show diverse emotions and ultimately begins to fall in love with Shu. She’s later revealed to be created by Da’ath in order to become Mana’s vessel. Mana and was captured to complete Mana’s rebirth, but was later saved by Shu. After that, she begins to exhibit more erratic behaviour. She murders two students and stabbing Arisa through her hand. She is later captured by the revived Gai and Da’ath as she tries to shield Shu.

Inori’s Void is a strong sword that looks like a bisento, which can be combined with other Voids for various effects. Yu can use it to make it more winglike. She is also able to change into a “monster” by which she spreads her arms by using blades as well as gains strength and speed.

In the finale, in the final episode, Shu will try to take all the Apocalypse virus in himself, Inori takes it instead and sacrifices herself to ensure that Shu is able to live on and her soul dwells within Shu which is evident when the two embrace at the end of the episode.

Gai Tsutsugami

Gai Tsutsugami, a charismatic and effective director of the “Funeral Parlor”, is a 23-year-old man. Gai’s outfit perfectly mirrors his character.

Shu’s “Power of the King” will help him push the revolution towards victory. A charming and manipulative character, Shu leads Funeral Parlor as a fearless leader who demands only the most excellent, with no disappointment of his subordinates. At the beginning of the story Inori is assigned the mission of Inori to take the Void Genome so he can benefit from its power. However, a war between the Anti-Bodies and the Funeral Parlor result in Shu getting the power instead. He still tries to convince Shu to join the group, however he is unsuccessful because he manipulated his feelings towards Inori and was then arrested by GHQ.

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